Extreme intoxication – For your safety and that of our other guests, captain and crew.  Besides, we want you to remember your experience.  😉

Littering – Nothing goes overboard.  We will have garbage containers on the boat and will gladly collect garbage from you to be placed in the containers.

Public Urination – We repeat, NOTHING goes overboard!  We have a bathroom on board if nature calls.

Obscene or vulgar language – We’re not saying you can’t cuss, but obscenities shouted towards other vessels or passersby on the streets will not be tolerated.

Damaging the boat or equipment – No explanation needed.  😉

Failing to adhere to the safety instructions – We will give a safety briefing prior to every tour and everyone is expected to follow your Captain and Crew’s instructions.

We at High Five Adventures Pedal Party thank you in advance for helping us create a FUN, SAFE, and RESPONSIBLE atmosphere that make us proud to be a part of our surrounding community!  We look forward to having you aboard!